Important Notice

Thank you to the hundreds of clients I have had the pleasure to work with over the past seven years. I have recently decided to go back into computer programming and have accepted a position as a programmer/analyst. I will still continue to offer limited freelance work in regards to high school senior portraits, commercial photography, website design and MS Access & SQL Programming.

High School Senior Portraits

During the first two weeks of June 2015 I will be offering a few limited high school senior photo shoots. Check back this spring for pricing options.

If you need to reach me, please do so via my CONTACT PAGE.

Grad Cards

If you have purchased grad cards rest assured you will still be able to get them, just go to our GRAD CARD PAGE this spring once you know your details, fill out the form and click send. I will be in contact with you after that.

HS Senior Portraits

Commercial Photography
Microsoft Access Database Solutions
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MS Access Database Solutions
St Cloud Photographers – Mark Stein

Microsoft Access and Excel Solutions for your business

Mark Stein has over 20 years of experience designing and programming custom Microsoft Access database solutions for small to large businesses. It’s time to upgrade all those Excel spreadsheets into an easy to use, easy to update Access database. An Access database allows you to used streamlined forms for entering or updating data. Forms can be custom designed so users only see what is relevant for their tasks.

The biggest benefit for storing your data in a database is the ease and quality of the information you can pull out. Everything from simple queries to queires requiring complex math can be at your fingertips. Polish off your results with beautiful, highly stylized reports that helps you make better, more informed decisions.

If you could use some help in developing your Excel spreadsheets, we can create custom macros, complex formulas and even custom programming all to help run your business more efficiently which will all add to your bottom line.

St Cloud Senior Photographer

Mark Stein is a St Cloud photographer with experience that spans over 25 years. If you are looking for a St Cloud photographer for HS Senior Portraits, Mark is the guy for you. Mark’s personality is very easy going and he knows how to make sure you look great. His pictures have received rave reviews from his clients with many stating that Mark is “the” guy to go to if you want the BEST SENIOR PORTRAITS.

Don’t trust your senior portraits to a neighbor or friend. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get professional, gorgeous pictures that you will be proud to have your parents put up in your home or for you to hand out to friends. If you’re looking for a St. Cloud photographer and not sure who should take your portraits, please call us and talk to us. You’ll be glad you did! Call us at 320-253-4143

Anybody can shoot like a pro!

It’s a bit humorous that some people think that just because you have a good camera, you can take professional pictures. Or as the commercials say, “Buy this camera and shoot pictures like a pro!” How funny is that?! That’s like saying buy this amazing artist’s brush and you can paint pictures like a professional artist. When those camera companies want pictures for magazine ads and billboards, do you think they hand one of these cameras to someone on staff? “Hey Mary, we need pictures of some models and also some product shots so if you just use this camera, you’ll be able to shoot just like the pros because that’s all it takes!”

No, they hire EXPERIENCED PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHERS with YEARS OF EXPERIENCE because that is how you get amazing, professional photos. Mark Stein is an experienced professional photographer who knows how to capture amazing images of both people and products. His eye for lighting and composition is unmatched. His attention to detail and fun personality make every photo shoot relaxed and enjoyable. Give Mark a try and see for youself what his many years of experience can do for you.

St Cloud Commercial Photographer

If you are in need of some commercial photography in or around St Cloud please contact us at Mark Stein Photography. Mark has done numerous commercial photo shoots with projects that include interiors and exteriors of retail and commercial buildings. Photography of homes & businesses for real estate companies.

Recently Mark Stein Photography has been honing his skills with professional food photography with emphasis on natural lighting and real-looking food which consist of sandwich photography, burger photography as well as many other food items. A takes real attention to detail to style food for professional-looking results. Call us at Mark Stein Photography for your next commercial photography needs at 320-253-4143 or fill out the form below.

Golf Course Marketing

In late 2013 Mark Stein expanded his Mark Stein, LLC brand by creating a division specializing in Golf Course Marketing nation-wide. This new company, VisiGolf, takes a much fresher-looking style to Golf Course Website design. So many golf courses are stuck with old, outdated and boring websites. Today’s golf course website needs to project the energy and excitement from golfing at that facility. Golfers today are much more mobile and always looking for new courses to play.

Our websites appeal to those types of golfers by making sure they know all the exciting ameneties that are available at that particular golf club. We say, “Content is King!” So in that vein, we offer professional golf course photography, professionally illustrated golf course tour illustrations as well as assistance in creating effective copy. VisiGolf is your all-in-one shop for an effective golf course website.

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